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NJ Contractor Horror Stories

House falling down

If you are a homeowner and have done some remodeling in the past then chances are you have a bad contractor story to tell. Maybe it's a guy who never shows up when he says, or they leave cigarette butts all over the yard, or the windows you just had installed are leaking like crazy! These things happen so here I am providing an outlet to share these stories. I will pick the best story and award the winner a Taylor Rae limitied edition!! Okay, it's not much but everyone loves a free hoodie!


I once hired a painter from Jefferson NJ to paint the interior of my house. He was contracted to paint the Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, and upsstairs hallways. He came "highly recommended". He claimed it would take 2 days to prime and 2 days to paint. So we expected to see him for 4 days in total. At 3:30 pm on day 1, when my oldest son came home from school the "highly recommended" painter was passed out drunk on the couch. He immediately called me at work to inform me of this, and i refused to belive it. I assumed he was lieing. To my surprise when i came home from work around 7 pm that night he was in my youngest sons room playing video games. Trying my best to not lose my cool, I pulled him aside to talk to him about it. He apologized and claimed it wouldnt happen again. He went home and told me he would be back bright and early the following morning to get back to work. He didnt show up until roughly 2 o clock the following day reaking of alcohol. He explained he was thrown out of his house after an altercation with his wife and wanted to know if he could sleep on our couch until he finished the job. After 3 weeks of coming home to find him drunk passed out in random places all over the house, all our food eaten, and catch him watching tv, movies and playing video games and living in our house he finally completed what he originally told us he would take 4 days. He had only priced us for 4 days of work. He hit us with an additional bill for the remianing balance of the days he drank ate and slept. Worse than all that is the fact that he did such a terrrible job we had to hire another painter just to fix the abomination he called painting work.

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Thanks Chris...excellent story and thank you for not mentioning the name of the contractor since he wouldn't have a chance to defend himself.

Ok, since your a window company I thought I should share my window nightmare...I will refrain from using the companies name, aLthough i really want to! We had 6 windows to replace in my house in Randolph. I had several companies in for quotes and was astonished how much windows cost but anyway we decided on a contractor. His prices were lowest and they claimed they had the best windows....I should've realized this coudln't be true. Anyway, we hired them, paid a deposit and didn't here from them for 2 months. Finally we got in touch with the owner, who was also the salesman, and he told me that they were very busy and would get to my job soon and that my windows were in. Again, nothing for 2 weeks so I called again and finally reached the owner again. We scheduled the install for the following week. It was a tuesday, 8am and no contractor, 10am nobody I called...they're on there way I was told, contractor. Finally, 1:45 2 guys show up in a little pickup truck. They ask me where my windows are!! I told them I don't have them...they said, in very broken english, that they don't know what happened. So I called the office and got a receptionist type woman who said that my windows should have been delivered that morning...I was so frustrated!! I cancelled the job after all of this and had to sue this guy to get my deposit took me a year to get my money. I did subsequently have them replaced by another company (sorry TRC but this was about 2 years ago and I didn't know about you guys). I paid a lot more but I guess you get what you pay for. My mistake. Let me know if win the Hoodie!!

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Thank you for your entry...sorry for your ordeal. Wish we could have helped you.

Shortly after purchasing our home, we decided to finish our basement. After several quotes and recommendations, we went with Hank. I should have known we were doomed when he showed up in a Honda Accord with 7 pieces of sheet rock tied on the roof. That should of been my first clue! Then, every morning he showed up on time, newspaper in hand and asked to use our only bathroom. He was in our in the bathroom for a good 20 minutes doing his business. Well, this went on every day for about 6 months. Hank would blow up my only bathroom with such a stink! My kids would run out of the house (thank god it was summer) and say, "that man 'Hanked' our bathroom!" My kids made a verb out of Hank who had a good poop every morning in our only bathroom. He work was so-so along with his lack of professionalism. If you know anyone that 'Hanks' your bathroom, run fast!!!

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Very Funny! So now someone can "Hank" a bathroom? Nice.

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