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Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

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If your planning to do some work on your house this spring then consider this. Nothing pays you back more than replacing windows. But it's not just the initial cost of the job that you will pay you back, you will save on heating and cooling bills as well. In fact the sooner you have new windows installed the more you save. There is another factor at work here as well and that's the quality of the windows you purchase. Vinyl windows are the most efficient but not all vinyl windows are created fact, far from it. Windows are tested for their thermal efficiency and the numbers can mean a lot. For instance a high quality window may have an air infiltration number (this is how much air is being allowed to pass through) of 0.20cfm as compared to a high quality window of 0.02...that's 10x's less air being allowed into your house from each window. Multiply that times how many windows are in your house and you can start to imagine the impact. air infiltration
It is also important that your windows are installed correctly with the best sealants and insulation possible. This will maximize the benefit of the new windows. The federal government has also issued a Federal Tax Rebate for energy star rated windows for 2013 which can help to subsidize the cost of the project. If you plan to stay in your house for a few years then the energy savings alone should be reason enough to replace your windows, but what if you think you might want to put your house on the market in the near future? Is it worth it then? This is a question that gets asked quite a bit and there is no definitive answer but know this: If you do have old windows make sure there is no rotten wood and that they are all in good working condition. If not the house inspector will surely catch this, which not only could cost you some serious money at the time of closing, but many times is a deal breaker. The next owner doesn't want the hassle or expense of replacing windows, just as you don't. Think of it from the buyer's perspective, and this is a buyer's market right now. If they are looking at two houses, with everything else being equal, will they want the house with new windows or the one with old wood windows? So even if you couldn't recoup your cost of the new windows completely, your house just sold and the neighbor is still looking for a buyer.

If you haven't already replaced your single pane wood windows, you will have to eventually and why not do it now while heating costs are high and the government is giving you a rebate? There will be no better time. Contact us now for your free in-home consultation...get quality windows installed properly at a price that will beat the competition.


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