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NJ Contractor Horror Stories

House falling down

If you are a homeowner and have done some remodeling in the past then chances are you have a bad contractor story to tell. Maybe it's a guy who never shows up when he says, or they leave cigarette butts all over the yard, or the windows you just had installed are leaking like crazy! These things happen so here I am providing an outlet to share these stories. I will pick the best story and award the winner a Taylor Rae limitied edition!!

Hire Locally and Save!!

local contractor handshake

Deal direct with local contractors and you'll be saving money, headaches and supporting your community! In the window and siding business there are many regional and national sales outfits that want your business and spend a lot of money on advertising and commissions to try to earn it. Of course they have to make money in the end so how do they do it? They make you pay for it!

Choosing Vinyl Replacement Windows in NJ


There are certain questions you need to ask yourself before you can decide if a vinyl window meets your needs, wants and budget. Below are three essentials.

Air Leakage

air infiltration It's hard to believe but did you know that brand new windows leak air?? It's true and there's even a performance number called air infiltration to measure it. Could you imagine the first cold and windy day after you just spent thousands of dollars on brand new windows and you feel a draft on the back of your neck?

Don't Let This Happen To You

Rotted Windows

Waiting too long to replace rotted or damaged windows can be costly

Foam vs. Fiberglass

EZ flo foam

Not all insulation is created equal.

With today's available premium low expansion foam you might wonder why many window companies are still using the old loose fill fiberglass insulation to pack around your new replacement windows. Well the answer is easy! Mostly it's because they're uninformed, and maybe more so because of the cost.


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