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Read this before you buy the wrong type of window!

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When purchasing new windows it is very important to get yourself a bit educated on the types of solutions that companies have to offer. It's not just picking the best window for the money, or the best glass package, but also equally important, if not more, is knowing which type of installation is right for you and your home. There are 2 types of windows installations: Pocket replacements and Full Frame replacements. Note: Full frame replacement is also sometimes call the New Construction method of window installation.

Pocket Replacement Windows

Pros: Lower cost, interior trim stays, no siding has to be disturbed, much easier for DIY's.
Cons: Smaller viewing area, reduces egress, ignores possible hidden damage, can't insulate fully.

Pocket replacements are what most New Jersey window replacement companies are pushing. These types of windows are installed inside of the existing old wood window frame. There is nothing wrong with that as long as there is nothing wrong with the existing frame. However, many times there is something wrong with the existing frame. There are 2 major problems that we come across quite a bit with these old frames. First, they can be far out of square, meaning the new window can't be installed properly. When this happens the installer is forced to install the new window also out of square which means it will not seal or operate properly. Also, the new window often looks out of level or plumb with the existing frame and trim. The second problem, and even more serious one to encounter, is frame rot. Frame rot in climates such as we experience in Morris County, New Jersey, is far too common. This one can be tricky because it can not always be found during an initial home consultation. However, a trained professional can usually see some of the tell tale signs such as soft wood, stained drywall or loose siding below the window. So in short if your existing window frames are square and there aren't any signs of water or bug damage then pocket replacements are a good option to have.

Full Frame Replacement Windows

Pros: Most complete and thorough job, will address even hidden rot or damage, usually looks cleaner on the exterior, maximizes viewing area, allows you to change the configuration of the window, allows for fully insulating the framed opening.
Cons; Higher initial investment, requires all new interior casings/trim, many times your house siding must be removed, painting is sometimes necessary, takes longer.

Full frame replacements are a more thorough solution but not always a necessary one. Here the old windows and frames are completely removed, including any interior or exterior trim. What's left is a gaping hole exposing the wall studs, sill plate and header above. This is where we can inspect for insect or water damage to the framing and/or sheathing (exterior siding underlayment) and make any necessary repairs. Once repairs are made and the opening is prepped for flashing, the new window can be installed utilizing a nail-fin type of installation. The nail fin is part of the window frame that helps to shed any water that may get behind the home's siding so that nothing will penetrate the structure of the house or get inside the opening causing leaks. Then the nail fin is flashed to the existing water resistive barrier (tar paper or tyvek) to complete the job. All new interior and exterior trim is applied paying careful attention to covering the old paint lines on the interior walls and replacing or remounting any adjacent siding on the exterior of the home. What you have in the end is total piece of mind knowing that a thorough installation was performed that will keep out water, cold air and insects for many years to come.

Now you Know

When considering companies to replace your windows you will know you're in good hands if they explain the choices between the 2 types of installation methods. During their visit they should inspect areas of concern and poke around a bit on the exterior of the home, bringing attention to trouble spots. In short it should be part of any window contractors presentation and if not well now at least you know to ask.

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