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A Lot Happens While You're At Work

You have seen us around, the army of white vans, the plethora of pickup trucks. We are your local contractors and service people, the behind the scenes guys and gals. There are many more of us than you think. I know because I am a convert. I used to have an office job, I used to be in the rush hour rush, stuck in traffic on the way to work, stuck in worse traffic on the way home. I especially enjoyed the on ramp from route 24 to 287 north near Morristown every afternoon. But let me tell you, when I gave up being an engineer and joined the ranks of the toolbelt brigade and switched out my business casual attire for workboots and rugged jeans, my VW for a pickup truck, that’s when I started to see the world a different way.

For anyone with an office job: you know that feeling when you leave work to run to the bank, or have a day off to run all of your errands? The feeling like you are on temporary leave, like you have a day pass? Well that’s how I used to feel until November of 2004 when I “gave it all up” to become a contractor and that all went away, that feeling that I should be at work, similar to the feeling I used to have if I missed school, now it was gone and it felt amazing. It wasn’t that I didn’t have to report to work anymore, it was more that I didn’t have to report to an office and that I was exposed to a new world, a world which I will try to briefly describe to all of those office goers who do not know it.

This world I speak of, and world is probably the wrong term but I can’t think of the right one, is a great one, at least the one I live in. It’s a community where stay at home moms volunteer at school and organize community events. Where carpenters are ordering sandwiches at the local deli when there not building things, or in between building things. Where the cops know all the good spots for lunch, and which ones to avoid. It’s a place where I can run to the local hardware store for a new pair of gloves because it’s colder than I thought it would be outside, and I don’t have to go to Wal-Mart for anything. It’s where I am always nearby and can run home to fetch my daughter her gym sneakers she forgot that morning, or take out something to defrost for dinner because we didn’t think that far ahead. I know everything going on around me in this world and I don’t stress about traffic. There’s a whole world out here, here being your town and your neighborhood, that wakes up when you leave for work and is gone when you get home. Sort of like if you hired my company to install windows for you but you can’t take a day off from work to be home. When you leave we start, while your gone we laugh, we work, we eat lunch, we drink coffee, we hear a joke at the lumberyard, we laugh some more, we finish, we clean up and we lock the door as we leave. It all happened while you were at work and it’s all done when you get home.

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